As children, we all wanted to go to space, travel to different planets and even galaxies!The park is made in a futuristic style, using new forms, using new metallized materials, steel slides and lighti

The park operates in a city with a population of up to 70 thousand people, which changes the stereotyped thinking about the inexpediency of building such projects in small cities.

SС Giant, Birobidzhan, Russia

  • 2000 м.sq.
    Park area
  • 7 м
    Park height
An important part of each park is a restaurant that provides a varied menu that will appeal to both adults and children! In addition, high service, pleasant atmosphere and well-developed area create the desired effect of “that same” establishment.

We not only develop Activity Parks, but also develop restaurant interior concepts that not only attract visitors, but also complement the overall image of the park.
Ресторанная зона Лунариуса, г. Биробиджан
Активити зона в Лунариусе, г. Биробиджан, Россия